A piece of art disguised as a staircase

Stairs artist Jop van Driel likes to play with expectations

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Stairs artist Jop van Driel likes to play with expectations. As a sculptor and artisanal staircase maker with 30 years of experience in making unique stairs, he came up with the idea to turn the tables. Instead of turning a (traditional) staircase into a work of art, he creates a beautiful work of art that you can use as a staircase and that meets all modern requirements

Together with you

Jop’s creations are tailor-made for the space in which they will be placed. This can be a hall or the entrance to a building, but also a luxury shop or hotel lobby. In case you are building a house yourself, Jop can think along with you how to fit in his work of art at an early stage.
To determine what should be the subject of the work of art, Jop sits down with you and asks about your work, passions and hobby’s. Together you come to a subject or a theme that will put Jop’s creative mind into action.
The possibilities are endless. Think of falling leaves or flowers, snow swirling downwards, fish swimming upwards or an spun spider web over which the steps have been laid. Lightning can also be integrated in the staircase, so that stairs, balustrade and light form a whole. In short, you will get a unique work of art that completely suits your needs. And it will bring you upstairs as well.

Traditional craft and modern technology

When designing and creating his works of art Jop combines one of the oldest crafts in the world (sculpting) with modern 3D computer techniques. Jop first chisels a wooden model by hand on a scale of 1 : 5. This scale model is presented to you to help you visualize the design. In this phase the model can still be modified, you may want to add or omit something. If it meets your expectations, it will be scanned into the computer.

With the 3D scan or file Jop can make all kinds of corrections and technical additions (such as mounting points). This is followed by the production of the full-size staircase in which all conceivable materials can be used.