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Watch the new video of Jop's most recent stairs project: 'Art as stairs'. A creative journey from idea and concept to realisation!

sculptures and
special projects
by Jop

With his unbridled
creativity and unique
craftsmanship, Jop van
Driel creates exceptional
staircases and

Jop van Driel is a versatile artist who combines conceptual talent with incredible craftsmanship. As a child he spent hours in the workshop with his father, an artisan staircase maker. He watched breathlessly as the wood was tamed under his father’s hands and beautiful forms came to life. Jop absorbed the skills and knowledge, laying the foundation of his artistic experience.

He started making sculptures at an early age, developing his own style and methods. He started creating unique staircases where his creativity and craftsmanship came together in an unparalleled way. Recently he came up with some special projects that really show his artistry.

Sculptures and stairs still form the core of Jop’s work. For each project he works with different companies and craftsmen who provide him with quality components. This ensures speed and flexibility.

Do you have a project that requires creativity and craftsmanship? Jop is ready to work with you. Contact him here. Please do also contact him if you have a company which can provide Jop with components or if you are a craftsman who likes to cooperate with him.

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Stairs by Jop

Every one of his staircases is made with heart and soul. They are works of art that take your breath away. A statement for any space. High quality and always with a twist: a thought or idea that fits your personality, history or story.

Three horses in bronze

Sculptures by Jop

Every sculpture tells its own story. Every sculpture is a fight with the material. To shape it using skill and intuition to deliver the underlying vision. Revealing that deeper layer. That is the fascinating creative battle of Jop van Driel.

stairs as art

Specials by Jop

As an artist Jop likes to challenge his creative mind. And he also likes to play with expectations. He came up with the idea to go one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction. And the results are astonishing.

The creative mind of Jop is full of stories. In his work he tries to capture them and give them meaning.