Recent sculptures by Jop

Look below the surface is the message you find in Jop’s sculptures

For Jop van Driel every sculpture starts in wood. Some sculptures are also cast in bronze, but always in a limited edition. Each edition is described at the notary and has a certificate. This gives collectors the guarantee that no more sculptures will be cast than the specified number.

Wooden sculptures are always one of a kind. A sculpture is created by processing a piece of wood. Each is a unique design, either tailored to the wishes and story of the client or made from inspiration.

Jop finishing his wooden lion

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Female scaled

Wooden sculptures are always one of a kind. A sculpture is created by processing a piece of wood. This female shape is scaled by Jop.

Vrouw geschaald

Fight with the capricorn

Follow the lines in the capricorn that ensure that an original work is created. Passion and craftsmanship meet again.

Sculpting is like dancing

Horses in bronze

Three characters struggling for the top. Tipical bronze sculpture by Jop.

Horses - three become one in bronze

Lion in wood

A lion with extreme expression. In a tipical Jop van Driel style. What's not to love about it?

Wooden lion

Male torso in wood

A sculpture always starts with a piece of fine wood. This male shape is sculpted by Jop.

Bended male torso in wood - front

Raging bull

Sculptures are always unique. This bull is created by processing a piece of wood into something as powerful and graceful as this.

What a magnificent bull

Swirling and roaring

This sculpture screams as never seen before. Swirling wood, a woman and three black panters "the protector, the lover and the guide", like only Jop can create.

Swirling and roaring beast

The Capricorn

The sculpture was commissioned by the owner of a family-run hotel. All five family members have the same zodiac sign: Capricorn. And that became the logo of the hotel.


The disguise

The clown dons his nose to face the public, hiding his true feelings. But when he takes off his nose he can reveal his true self.


The power of the bull

This impressive image reflects the power of the world-famous Hungarian bull's blood wine.

The power of the bull

Three become one

Three horses, three characters. Captivating sculpture about strength, struggle and cooperation on the way to the top.

Sculpture three become one 1

Two zebras in black and white

These zebras carved from a piece of wood en painted in black and white oilpaint are showing all what Jop is about.

Sculpture of zebra's crossing eachother

Year of the tiger

This tiger will grab your attention! Made from wood it still comes very much to life!

Year of the tiger